Pack 296 FAQs and Parent Info

Parents Information Packet - Welcome Packet for new Scout families. The packet provides background information about our pack.

Are you meeting in person?

Yes! Our goal is to deliver the program as much in-person as possible. We are following safety protocols to minimize risk for all participants. See additional details regarding our Covid procedures on this page.

How are you keeping Scouts and adults safe during Covid?

This is a topic we take very seriously. We are following not only the BSA and Golden Gate Area Council guidelines on safe Scouting, but also following the guidelines of the local schools where our Scouts come from. For example, several schools require mask wearing, even among vaccinated adults and even while outdoors. This is why we are asking Scouts and adults to wear masks at all events.

As we continue to navigate during Covid-19 our goal is to be creative with our meetings while keeping kids safe, active, engaged, and connected during this year.

What does it mean that Scouts is a volunteer-run program?

All positions at the pack level are led by volunteers: Parents and guardians just like you, who are taking time to put together an engaging program for their children and their community. Volunteering allows us to connect with our children in a fun way that we wouldn't otherwise experience, during a time in their lives which is unfortunately fleeting. Our hope is that all families can experience this by volunteering either at the den level or the pack level. This can mean helping organize or lead a specific den meeting or pack event, or serving in a named role such as den leader.

Our biggest recurring need is in recruiting new den leaders and assistant or co-den leaders. Fortunately, Scouts BSA and our pack in particular has collected many templates and guides for how to successfully run den meetings.

For more information or to volunteer, please see Volunteer to Help, or reach out to

Can my child participate in Scouts and sports?

Yes! We have many Scouts that participate in both sports as well as Cub Scouts. Scouting is a year-round program with an emphasis on the school year months. If your team practice conflicts with pack meetings during a specific sports season, many parents choose to alternate Cub Scouts and sports practices during that season and then attending Cub Scouts more fully later in the year. If you have to miss a pack meeting, den meeting, or event due to a conflict (sports or otherwise), that is ok!

We have an upcoming trip / vacation and have to miss a meeting. Is that ok?

Yes. Scouts are asked to attend all pack and den meetings they are able. However, if you have to miss a pack meeting, den meeting, or event due to a conflict that is ok! Most Scout requirements can be completed at home with a parent's signature. The den leader will provide information on how to make up any missing requirements.

Can my Scout be placed in a den with their friend(s)? With their sibling(s)?

Dens are first organized by grade level. Friends or siblings who are not in the same grade cannot be placed in the same den, as the rank requirements and program are designed based on specific ages. All Scouts participate in pack meetings and most events, so friends and siblings in different grades can participate together.

As of the 2021-22 year, Pack 296 has one Tiger den (1st grade), one Wolf den (2nd grade), one Bear den (3rd grade) and two Webelos dens (4th and 5th grades). This means that most Scouts are with their classmates or friends in their same grade.

The ideal den size is 6-8 Scouts. If a given rank / grade level requires multiple dens, we will next organize dens to group Scouts who go to the same school.

Finally, we will take into consideration cases where Scouts prefer to stay with friends who may not be at their same school, and can move Scouts into different dens. Reach out to the cubmaster or your den leader to request a switch.

At this time our dens are mixed-gender, and we do not currently have any plans to create single-gender dens. The Cub Scouts program is equivalent for and welcoming to all genders.