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March Cubmaster Corner

posted Mar 10, 2019, 11:33 AM by Micah Weinberg
This Edition of Cubmaster Corner is going to look ... a lot like the last one! 

Due to the OUSD strike we had to postpone our Blue and Gold until a week from Wednesday (the 20th).  I hope everyone made their savory dips and has been keeping them in the fridge for the last month to share ... on second thought maybe make a new batch ... *grin* 

But please read all the through for additional details for upcoming events including the Pack Campout.


Who: Everyone is welcome
What: A potluck and awards ceremony
Where: Montclair Elementary School Cafeteria 
When: 3/20, from 6-830pm 
Why: Because we love getting together and celebrating with our Scouting family!

Each den organized its own potluck without desserts, the Pack provides cake.

DIP OFF! - Each den brings food for its own potluck as well as an entry into the 2nd Annual SAVORY DIP OFF.  Last year, a den brought a chocolate dip and won handily!  But sweet dips will be DQd from the competition this year! 

Upcoming Events

All events for the rest of the year can be found on our website but here's what we're looking at in the next couple of months.

Pack Campout! - Friday and Saturday April 12th- 13th at Hawk Ridge Campground (Anthony Chabot Regional Park)  There will be no packwide activities Friday but people are welcome to be at the site either with their families or with their whole dens.  The whole pack will arrive after lunch on Saturday around 1 and leave after breakfast on Sunday.  The Boy Scouts are going to be joining us to run some fun activities in the afternoon, we'll have a big dinner and then a campfire that evening.  Every den should prepare a short skit (or song!)  And parents with guitars (or other portable instruments) should feel free to bring them.  More specific details as the event approaches.

Go Karts - We're going to be doing Go Karts again! Thank you to Scott Flurher for volunteering to run this event.  The build and race will be in late April/Early May, date and location to be announced soon.

PERALTA CUP - Please represent Pack 296 at the Peralta Cup which is the Saturday March 16th.  RSVP here and check out all of the details on the attached flyers.

Please contact me with any questions!

Cubmaster Micah