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Cub Scout carnival this Wednesday 24th at Sequoia

posted Oct 23, 2018, 11:44 AM by Cub Master
Reminder we are all meeting at Sequoia Elementary this pack meeting (no split meeting this time).

Please bring your toys/books to donate with you on Wednesday. Please arrive before 6:30 and allow yourself some time to sort the toys into the provided bins in the cafeteria (first door on your right when you enter the gate). There will be labeled bins with approximate dollar value ranges that you can drop the toys into.
We hope to have the back gate open at 6pm for direct parking into the school yard.

Please bring small change for food.
Pizza $2 per slice
Drinks 50 cents each
Veggies, fruit and popcorn available also.
(Bear parents paid for all the food and we would appreciate anything to help cover our costs)

This year's carnival will be slightly different. Each scout/sibling can play a game activity once and then they must give someone else a turn. No tickets are needed to play the games and they can be played as many times (except the lollipop pull) as long as everyone is getting a turn. Tickets for prizes will be earned after completing the activity.
Each game will have a different reward system for tickets and the prize station will list how many tickets you need for each level. Big ticket items are only available for purchase at the end of the evening - so save your tickets if you want a big ticket item!
Our amazing Carnival RingMaster will go over rules, etc Wednesday evening.
We will have two game sessions with the whip cream pie eating contest around 7:05.

Lastly we still need parent volunteers- Can you help?
Please sign up on our google doc if you can - I have highlighted in yellow where we really need parent volunteers. 

6:30 Flags- Announcements (Craig and Jesuscita)
6:45 Games - Bears and den chiefs for Bears (Bear parents to help throughout)
7:05 Whip Cream Pie Eating Contest
7:10/7:15 Games - AOL scouts to help & den chiefs
7:30 Games end/ cleanup/prize collecting
7:45 - Final announcements 
7:50 Vespers

Thanks - see you all soon!
Arianne Wagner
Den 8 Leader/Ast. Cubmaster